421 Marks Ln Bardstown KY

We closed on 421 Marks Ln in April of 2018 and it sold for the appraised value of $378,000. Before we listed this home, our team painted the garage, stairway, two bedrooms and multiple doors throughout the home.
After the preparation was complete, we shot a walk-through video utilizing drone technology. Videos gives buyers the ability to see the overall layout and floor plan of the home. An added benefit is that buyers can see an accurate representation of the entire lot and grasp how each room connects.
Videos allows us to market our client’s home on multiple platforms across the internet. We invest in digital advertising to target specific demographics that have recently shown buying interests. Facebook and Google Adwords allows us to target people who have recently visited home buying sites like Zillow and Realtor.com. We market these videos of our client’s home on other sites like YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus.
This video on 421 Marks Ln has over 100,000 views on Facebook and over 189,000 views on Youtube. We invested over $3,000 to generate so many views and at closing, the buyer complimented us on this video.

“Value Starts With Doing Something Others Aren’t Willing To Do”

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